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Original Art + Print /30 Promotion

Original Art + Print /30 Promotion

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There are FOUR pieces of OA up for grabs for this promotion.

Purchase the numbered prints for entires towards the corresponding piece of OA.  The OA is framed.  A wheel will be spun that has numbers 1-30 for each OA.  The winner is the person that purchased that number.

The OA piece from Shojo Animation House is the GRAND PRIZE and each purchase will count as one entry in for one big 90 entry spin.

  • First prize is Shojo OA
  • Second prize will be an Acrylic Sailor Moon A5 board.
  • Third prize will be a Dairy of Love box.

We will keep this open until at least August 25 (Sunday) and run sometime that week so long as 45 of the 90 prints have been sold.

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