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Demon Slayer - Wedding Set - "So The Dream"

Demon Slayer - Wedding Set - "So The Dream"

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Use code "4PACK" to get 4 Promo Packs for $68.


Each case starts with a total of 36 promo packs.   Binder and Acrylic stand redemptions are LIVE only if you have your cards ripped on STREAM (or arrange for another LIVE stream of your packs). 

Redemption Binders Available (at start of case):

  • Kanao Group
  • Nezuko Drip

Redemption Acrylics Available (at start of case):

  • TBD
  • TBD

Promo packs may contain: SZR, SNR, SP, SSP, BP, Serial, LR and redemption cards.
Thicc packs may contain: ZR, MR and GRs.
Thinn packs may contain: PLD, QR, LR, SR, R and Puzzle pieces.

All cards shipped unless otherwise specified by the buyer.

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