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Red Hashira Box Break

Red Hashira Box Break

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Red Hashira Box Break

4/27 Saturday 7pm EST soft start. 
$450 shipped, SR, SSR (at request) + HITS
10 boxes per person
No discount codes can be used.

If we don’t get to 3 demons, I will provide my Muichiro Demon as a form of insurance. If we only pull one demon, we will flip a coin for the Muichiro.

Participants can choose to how we want to do this. The most straightforward is (A) buyers take turns choosing numbered boxes. I will entertain (B) round robin of the first three demons but after that it should be buyer picks box.

So vote for A or B if you are participating. If you are not participating your vote will not be counted in decision but it will be interesting to see what the consensus is.

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